Origin™ RC510 Gasket Rail Car Gasket

Description and Applications
Teadit® Origin™ RC510 is designed specifically for Rail Car Manway Dome Lid applications. It is a restructured hollow glass micro spheres filled PTFE gasket, manufactured utilizing Teadit’s unique Origin™ process technology. This provides excellent torque retention, high sealability and extended gasket life over multiple cycles. It is user friendly, and overcomes the problems of installation and removal associated with gaskets that are molded or produced from sheet materials.

The Origin™ RC510 is most robust, allowing for long-life in service. Rigorous evaluations have yielded results that show performance at a multitude of levels that are better than any rail car gasket in the market. There is nothing else like it.

•U.S. Patented
•Excellent Sealability
•Elevated Torque Retention
•Easy to Install and Uninstall